The 411 on Muncie’s 8twelve Coalition

Heather Williams, Building Better Neighborhoods and MAP Task Force 2 reports that Muncie’s 8twelve Coalition is comprised of residents, non-profits and businesses working towards the common goal of revitalization, Muncie’s 8twelve Coalition targeted the area of north 8th St, the south side of Memorial St, west side of Perkins, and the east side of Madison, as this neighborhood includes several important stakeholders, including the Ross Community Center and the Muncie Mission. Additionally, much of the housing stock is in need of repair and there are a number of abandoned properties with overgrown lots. Spearheaded by Habitat for Humanity Muncie and funded by the Vectren Foundation, a neighborhood revitalization plan was created in 2015 as the result of several community meetings. A steering committee was formed and several committees are focusing on efforts to improve housing, beautify the area and support local businesses.

In early 2016, a $70,000 Lowes Foundation grant was awarded to the Coalition, which provided funding for coalition building, housing rehab, urban gardens, window boarding, and exterior beautification. Additional funding from the Ball Brothers Foundation was awarded in 2016 to support administrative and programming costs. The Coalition’s four committees (Services, Business, Beautification and Housing) will continue work into 2017 with additional window boarding and urban gardening projects, along with rehab and new build projects spearheaded by Habitat and ecoREHAB. For more information about the 8twelve coalition please contact Ray Montagno at Habitat for Humanity at or (765)286-5739.

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