Gretchen Cheesman

Gretchen Cheesman

  • Task Force Chair
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The Mayor’s Arts Awards are the most prestigious honors conferred by the city on individual artists, teachers, nonprofit organizations, and patrons of the arts. Provided in partnership by the Muncie Arts and Culture Council, City of Muncie, Muncie Action Plan, and Old National Bank.
Facing Racism is a project of the Facing Project, an international storytelling project about issues important to individuals and their communities, started by Kelsey Timmerman and J.R. Jamison-Pippin in Muncie. Muncie’s R.A.C.E. group (Reconciliation Achieved through Community Engagement) is coordinating the “Facing Racism” project in partnership with Muncie Public Libraries, Muncie Human Rights Commission, the Mayor’s Office, Muncie Civic Theatre, and the Muncie Action Plan.


These action items guide Task Force 4 activities

1.) Request a status report from Muncie Redevelopment Commission on the Downtown Plan every six months.

2.) Promote and develop infill in empty spaces.

3.) Develop a stakeholders group from the broader community to support downtown.

1.) Develop a city plan for rehabilitation, restoration, and/or demolition of derelict properties; strategies may include establishing a Land Bank or public green spaces.

2.) Work with BSU design students to help identify and develop the city's mitigation plan.

3.) Develop incentives for repurposing or reusing vacant lots in neighborhoods.

1.) Define corridors and develop a Citizen’s Committee to help with this process.

2.) Develop goals and timelines to ensure action.

3.) Adopt corridor development standards for all major arterial roads in Muncie.

4.) Develop a communication plan to keep MAP and the community informed about progress.

1.) Create dog parks in existing parks, as appropriate.

2.) Create a Citizens Committee to prioritize projects and assist the City in developing a fundraising plan.

3.) Promote the hiring of a Recreational Director.

1.) Work with local government to identify gateways and create an enhancement plan for each.

2.) Implement the South Gateway transportation enhancement project.

3.) Develop a communication plan so MAP and the community stay abreast of plans and timelines.

1.) Partner with Ball State University to evaluate, promote, and improve the online reporting mechanism, including communicating results to the public.

2.) Develop an anti-littering awareness campaign.

3.) Develop plans to strengthen code enforcement for private properties, especially rental properties and new developments.

4.) Develop a communication plan for City Council, the Mayor, and the Board of Public Works to keep MAP and the community apprised of progress.

5.) Work with Neighborhood Associations to make reporting of violations a priority.

1.) Promote installation of public art.

2.) Work with relevant stakeholders to promote neighborhood cleanup, curb appeal, and home improvement projects.