Successful MAP3 Open Houses

On the evenings of June 13th and 14th, community members came to Kennedy Library and Maring-Hunt Library, respectively, to help prioritize the results of February 2018’s community input sessions. Thank you to everyone who attended!

Participants were greeted at the door and given three red stickers to place on a poster that listed 26 community initiatives. Participants then indicated the three items that they believed to be the most important for Muncie by placing a sticker next to the item.

The items compiled from the input sessions earlier this year:


  1. Create an awareness-building coalition to promote the importance of education.
  2. Develop a community-based mentoring program.
  3. Develop an initiative to promote community-based learning for early childhood development.
  4. Conduct a community-wide poverty awareness campaign.
  5. Create a healthy community initiative.
  6. Create a prisoner re-entry program with support from local businesses.
  7. Create a robust clearinghouse for volunteer service. Develop a mechanism that encourages and supports civil, respectful public dialogue.
  8. Encourage partnerships with educational institutions that will expand their influence and involvement in the community.
  9. Create strategic neighborhood plans and work with neighborhoods to identify and secure funding to implement plans.
  10. Promote a community identity that seeks to unify and advance pride in the community.
  11. Create a centralized community events calendar to increase awareness in the community.
  12. Utilize social media more effectively to promote community pride and event awareness.
  13. Build on existing events using local community resources.
  14. Implement the Downtown Master Plan.
  15. Continue and expand the Blight Removal Program.
  16. Adopt and enforce corridor development standards.
  17. Improve the appearance of gateways.
  18. Strengthen Code Enforcement.
  19. Achieve developmental priorities.
  20. Create a design manual for public infrastructure for use by public entities, developers, and homeowners.
  21. Implement the Prairie Creek Master Plan.
  22. Implement models of sustainable design throughout the city.
  23. Create a Brownfields Redevelopment Program.
  24. Institute bike-friendly community programs.
  25. Develop and implement a sidewalk and recreational paths plan.
  26. Support the Muncie Land Bank.
    After voting, participants enjoyed snacks and drinks while mingling with other community members.

MAP gives a special thanks to Lisa Dunaway from Ball State University’s Urban Planning Department and her students for their role in MAP3, the Action Plan’s third iteration. They organized several input sessions and Open Houses, then analyzed the input results. The final MAP3 plan will be released in early Fall 2018.

(Photo taken by Aimee Robertson-Fant)

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Tuhey Pool

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