Image: Courtesy – Muncie Timebank

Neighborly Bartering System Reinvented through “Muncie Time Bank”

Working with MAP Task Force 2’s Neighborhood Presidents Council, Jill Jereb, Gary Dodson, and Laurie Lunsford, are working to develop a “Muncie Time Bank,” reinventing the idea of a community bartering system in the spirit of reciprocity neighborhoods are adopting “timebanking”.  According to Muncie Timebank Co-Founder Gary Dodson, a flourishing program requires “a robust number of timebankers with a wide variety of skill sets, anything from house or yard work to a skilled trade.”  Laurie Lunsford adds, “Residents offering their time in this manner will connect each corner of our community, regardless of age, race, economic or educational status.”

Gary Dodson discussing the Muncie Timebank

Gary Dodson, Muncie Time Bank Co-Founder and Ball State University Biology Professor, discusses the Muncie Time Bank to MAP Neighborhood President’s Council. Photograph: Muncie Action Plan.

All individuals, volunteer groups, and businesses may participate to give an hour of time, talent, or service in exchange the time, talent, or service of another timebanker.

Everyone has value and everyone, regardless of age or ability level, has something of value to offer to his or her neighbor.” Jill Jereb, Muncie Time Bank Coordinator and Co-Founder

To learn more or to become a Muncie Time Banker, please visit

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