“Facing Addiction” Facing Project’s Dr. Adam Kuban and Ingelhart Scholars journalism students, community partners Aspire, Indiana, Meridian Health Services, and Muncie Action Plan.

MAP Continues Partnership with Facing Project through “Facing Racism” and “Facing Addiction”

Cover of Facing Racism(Image courtesy of Facing Racism)

The Facing Project is a Muncie-grown, nationwide 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission it is to “connect people through stories to strengthen communities” and to “begin crucial conversations, neighbor to neighbor, community to community, by discussing solutions”.  MAP shares in the same local mission, particularly regarding the facilitation of sometimes difficult but necessary, solution-focused community conversations.

Muncie Action Plan has been pleased to support the efforts of the Facing Project’s “Facing Racism”, a publication distributed throughout the community and dramatic performance, which debuted to a sold out crowd and full house, Nov. 12th at Muncie Civic Theatre and featured 39 local storytellers’ powerful experiences of adversity and triumph, as captured by over 39 local writers and supported by over 25 local individual and organizational sponsors. MAP was Facing Racism’s 501c3 nonprofit fiscal agent.

“Facing Racism” was coordinated by Dr. Jay S. Zimmerman, Emeritus Professor of Psychology-Counseling Psychology at Ball State University.  Dr. Zimmerman serves on the Whitely Community Food Pantry Team and is National Alliance on Mental Illness Arts Coordinator and plans to continue pursuing partnerships and education methods to advance civil discourse surrounding race relations in the community of Muncie.  Muncie Action Plan continues its fiscal and community partnership with “Facing Racism” in support of its efforts.

According to an August 2016 report from Community East (hospital), 1 in 4 babies were born addicted to opiates.  Muncie Action Plan recognizes there is pervasive addiction across East Central Indiana and is among a growing list of organizations dedicated to help address it.

MAP is a community partner of “Facing Addiction” in collaboration with Ball State University, Meridian Health Services and Aspire, Indiana, focused on gathering perspectives from a wide variety of those affected by pervasive addiction issues in Delaware, Madison, Randolph, and Hamilton counties through sharing the firsthand experiences of families, neighbors, healthcare professionals, case managers, policymakers and those who are battling addiction, with the intent to lay the groundwork for meaningful community dialogue and action steps to follow. “Facing Addiction” is being coordinated and co-directed by Dr. Adam Kuban, Journalism Professor, Ball State University and Aimee Fant, Muncie Action Plan’s Coordinator.  Kuban’s Journalism students are serving as contributors, writers, video production talent and content developers and Fant is connecting organizational community partners, policymakers, families, storytellers to the project.

“Facing Addiction” will debut in Delaware County and Madison County separately in April 2017. To connect to ‘Facing Addiction” please contact Journalism Professor Dr. Adam Kuban at ajkuban@bsu.edu or MAP Coordinator Aimee Fant: afant@ballstate.bsu.edu

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