Kitselman Trailhead Project Update Summer 2018

Beautifying Muncie’s Gateways

The Kitselman Trailhead Project continues! More than a decade in the making, 2017 saw the beginning of the project’s construction where East Jackson Street crosses the White River on the east side of Muncie.

After being temporarily closed due to the construction and trail resurfacing, the Cardinal Greenway has re-opened to pedestrians and bikers at this location. This project will connect The White River Greenway and The Cardinal Greenway. The White River Greenway is the 6.5-mile trail that runs east and west along the White River through Muncie, whereas the Cardinal Greenway is the 60-mile trail that runs from Richmond, IN to Marion, IN.

The site is preparing for the relocation and installation of the historic Delaware County Bridge 85, which will become a pedestrian and bike bridge across the river. This significant bridge, also known as the Albany Bridge, was constructed in 1905 by the Muncie-based Indiana Bridge Company, which is still in operation. The bridge is presently being sandblasted, painted, and reassembled before being lifted into place on the two ramps that are already constructed and in place on the East and West side of the White River. This trailhead project will tell the story of Muncie’s past as well as Muncie’s future.

The Kitselman Trailhead Project is important to Muncie Action Plan because MAP strives to create attractive and desirable places through improving the gateways into our community. MAP is working on making Muncie’s entry-points beautiful and inviting. MAP serves to better manage Muncie’s physical environment in order to guide future land development, improve accessibility, and create a place that people can be proud of—a place in which people want to live, work, play, and visit.

The Kitselman Trailhead Project is part of the Albany Bridge relocation, dam removal efforts, canoe launching, and more. Countless groups have been collaborating for a number of years to bring about this project. Stay tuned for updates on the Kitselman Trailhead Project.

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