Go Discover the Garfield Statues Around Muncie!

In celebration of Garfield’s 25th birthday back in 2003, local organizations around Muncie teamed up to create Garfield statues that are still on display around the city.

The famous cat cartoon figure is linked to Muncie’s identity since the cat’s creator, Jim Davis, has both studied and worked in Muncie and spent much of his life in neighboring Grant County. Davis studied art and business at Ball State University and joined BSU’s School of Art faculty in 2016.

Be on the lookout for these statues! Go to visitmuncie.org/garfield-statues-of-muncie for a list of Garfield statues. Click on the purple link at the bottom of the page for the address of the statues.

The Garfield on display in Jack’s Camera shop was built with a Polaroid camera inside of it. Although the required film type has been discontinued, you can still stop into Jack’s Camera Shop and learn how the process works.

Visit Garfield at the Muncie Visitors Bureau, City Hall, and other locations!

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