Creative Crosswalks Coming to a Muncie Neighborhood near You

The collaboration of the Muncie Arts and Culture Council, Building Better Neighborhoods, the City of Muncie, and Ball State University’s College of Architecture and Planning produced a workshop series that began an initiative to bring artistic crosswalks to neighborhoods throughout Muncie.

Creative Crosswalk in South Central's neighborhood

Creative Crosswalk in South Central Neighborhood (8 Twelve Collation Site). Photo: Muncie Habitat for Humanity.

Painting of Riverside/Normal City crosswalk

Artistic crosswalk in Riverside Normal City. Photo: Ball State University, Office of Community Engagement.

Creative Crosswalks are among the many efforts to beautify Muncie’s neighborhoods through art. In the coming year, look for more of Muncie’s neighborhoods to take part in public art projects.

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8twelve community meeting

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